May 2017 Update

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Spring 2017 Update

ATOP Phase 2: You have MADE, and continue to MAKE the difference!

As the ATOP Capital Campaign Committee, Church Council, and Staff invited you to live generously in support of  All Together in One Place, you responded by saying,”YES, we will.”

Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your faithfulness.Thank you for serving the future congregation of NLC.

  • We have surpassed our goal of $4.8 million dollars, and as of today, we have received more than $4.825 million dollars in gifts and pledges.
  • In 23 months of the 5-year campaign, we have already received nearly $3 million dollars in gifts.
  • God gave us the vision, the strength to meet it, and the faith and courage to step forward.
  • Our brothers and sisters in Ranchi, India thank you.
  • Our partners in housing ministry thank you.
  • The elders served through Healing and Wholeness thank you.
  • The Vision for Healthy Living thanks you.
  • The Center for Arts and Spirituality, the surrounding community of artists thank you.
  • The people for generations who will have a contemplative, intimate, sacred place to worship and pray, thank you.

We are dancing in the glory of the Lord. We are celebrating your generosity. We are tapping our toes, whistling a tune, and walking with a bounce in our step! For all that is behind us, thanks be to God. For all that is still to come, YES!

Summer 2016 Updates

Exciting news! We are ever closer to our goal of $450,000 in remaining pledges to move forward with the construction of the multi-purpose chapel! This has been an incredibly generous response from our congregation, and we are now $219,000 away from reaching our goal! You can continue to keep track of ongoing progress on the visual display in the Fireside Room.


Thank you for your gifts and commitments that have brought us to where we are today! It’s hard to believe that just 18 months ago, we voted to move forward on this venture. And, since that time, gifts and pledges have exceeded $4.5 million. Thank you for all you have accomplished through these gifts for outreach and for improving our facilities, for today, and for generations to come.


Spring 2016 Updates | A Chapel For All

Thank you for your gifts and commitments that have brought us to where we are today! It’s hard to believe that just last year, we voted to move forward on this venture. And, since that time, gifts and pledges have exceeded $4.4 million.


Your gifts are already being put to use! Phase One of construction is complete and came in under budget. We have beautifully enhanced facilities for hospitality, accessibility, connections, and service. Due to generous contributions to ATOP and to our shared Operating Fund in 2016, 19.9% of gifts will be given away for those in need both in our midst and around the world.

How can we fully realize our goals and dreams at NLC through ATOP?
Through your gifts and pledges, we have surpassed 91% of our $4.8 million campaign goal. Additional pledges of $400,000 (over 4 years) will fully fund our outreach ministries and signal that the construction of the multi-purpose chapel (see below for more information) can begin. THANK YOU for your generous response!


A Chapel For All

People have gathered in sacred spaces, both large and small, throughout human history. From ancient burial grounds to majestic cathedrals, human beings mark spaces for the purpose of giving some material definition to the presence of God. Though we know God exists everywhere, we set aside spaces as reminders of that truth.

What will be the look and feel?
Imagine even more light streaming into our beautifully transformed Fireside Room! New skylight, glass wall infill near the coffee bar, and the existing closets are removed, allowing light to stream through. A glass railing with a thin wood cap will create a new bridge walkway into the chapel.

Inside the chapel, find beautiful walnut wood veneer, with limestone glacier buff-colored honed and rock face stone. Art glass allows light to stream in… and out.


This multi-purpose chapel will provide a space for reflection and prayer, a small support group gathered in a circle, joyous music, small worship services including funerals and weddings, and 100+ energetic children sitting on the floor.

Below the chapel, meeting and studio rooms will provide welcoming spaces for conversation or movement. The renovated half-gym will be used for large motor activities.



Phase One Dedication

ATOP_Dedication_VideoOn Sunday, December 13, we gathered in the Fireside Room and then traveled together through the building to our newly refurbished spaces, dedicating each place as we went to the glory of God for our current and future mission and ministry. Click above to see the short video produced for the dedication, highlighting the progress made so far and looking forward at what is to come!

Phase One Dedication & Phase Two Updates


Phase One

Dedication of Phase One Spaces  |  Sunday, December 13
10:00 am – 10:30 am

We will begin by gathering in the Fireside Room and then move around to our newly refurbished spaces. Let us gather All Together in One Place, as we dedicate this project to the glory of God for our current and future mission and ministry.


This week, work continues on the AV room and sound systems in the sanctuary. A brick valance for a retractable screen is being installed that will greatly enhance our visual experiential and communication abilities. You can see a rendering of this on display in the narthex. We anticipate that the screen, along with a new sound system for the sanctuary, will be functional by the end of December.

Phase Two

The momentum for the next step of our building plans continues! Due to the great response of pledges already made for ATOP, the church council has authorized detailed design work for Phase Two. The Capital Campaign Committee has been meeting with OPUS for this Phase. This Phase will include a chapel and gym and multi-purpose studios below.

ATOP2_challenge_match_120815We continue to make progress on the pledges needed to continue Phase Two in 2016. As of December 8, over $545,000 has been committed in new and additional pledges toward our $1,000,000 goal! The Church Council will make a decision on timing based on reaching financial benchmarks by the end of December.

If you would like to participate – by increasing or starting a pledge – please contact Pastor Paul or Steve Olson ( for more information and conversation, or click below to pledge online.


We are grateful for the generosity of all who have made this possible through their gifts and pledges to the ATOP campaign!

What is Happening Behind the “Restricted Area” Door?

On the first floor, the canopy entrance on the west parking lot is now closed.  Please use the Preschool entrance and Healing & Wholeness entrance on the east side of the building to access the south end of the building.  Blessing Place, the Youth Room and Valley View gym can be accessed through the door on the north end of the building, close to Valley View Road.

On the second level, demolition continues in the Administrative offices, Fireside Room and the rear narthex.  It is amazing how much can change in a short period of time!

IMG_0714 IMG_0716 IMG_0728 IMG_0734 IMG_0748 IMG_0751

ATOP Update

Thank you to all who have responded so generously to our Campaign – on the verge of $4 million in gifts and pledges to date!  This is a tremendous response – thank you!  We continue to receive pledges, and every gift and commitment is important in our shared response.  If you have the ability to give fulfill your 2015 pledge now, please consider doing so, as this will reduce the amount needed to borrow during construction and will save interest payments.

Construction and Facility Update

This week, work began on the north end of the building and will continue throughout the summer.   For your safety, please avoid entering restricted areas.  The entrance to the Blessing Place and Valley View Room is on the north end of the building.  The offices have been temporarily moved to the south end of the building, including the reception desk just outside of the sanctuary.  Thank you to all who helped with the relocation process – no easy task for a home for thousands!

Sunday, April 26

This Sunday the outside Fireside entrance on the east side of the building will be closed.  It will remain closed throughout construction.  All other entrances will be open.

Please note the following programming locations:

  • The nursery has been relocated to the Lower Level Conference Room
  • Crossways will meet in Rooms 209-211
  • ParentRest will meet in the Balcony
  • Most Sunday School classes will meet in their regular classrooms with 3rd-5th graders meeting in the Valley View gym
    • Class 2B will meet in Room 306
    • The 6th grade faith marker will meet in Multi-purpose Room North, 3rd floor
  • FnL (7th-12th grade), please join in the recognition of Steve Hanson in Fellowship Hall

Week of April 27

The canopy entrance will be closed beginning Monday, April 27 – there are plenty of other entrances where you are welcome to enter!  Please use the Preschool entrance door on the west side of the building or the entrance near Healing & Wholeness on the east side of the building.
In the meantime, road construction by the City of Edina continues around the perimeter of the building.  This is not related to our church construction project.  Let your friends and neighbors know it is okay to drive around the “road closed to through traffic signs” and use the road to come to Normandale Lutheran Church.

Thanks for your patience and good humor as we reschedule meeting spaces and learn new ways of finding our way.  Be sure to smile and introduce yourself if you bump into someone!

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down…

This week, construction and demo have been in full swing at NLC.  While temporary walls were put up around restricted construction areas, NLC staff and volunteers worked hard to create welcoming and inviting areas for all to gather and created new spaces in different places.  New! Starting this Sunday, April 26, little ones can play in the Nursery which has been relocated to the Lower Level Conference Room during Sunday morning worship and during Wednesday Night programming.

IMG_0677 IMG_0671 IMG_0698 IMG_0702

And beyond those temporary walls, some exciting things were happening…

In the Administrative offices, first this happened:


And then this happened:


And by mid-afternoon on Wednesday, it was more than a little dusty in there.


Stay tuned for more updates!

The Administrative Office has a Temporary New Home

Many things have been in motion this week.  The administrative offices moved to the south end of the building in the previous library location, the Welcome Center was relocated near the elevator on the second floor, and the city road construction outside our doors is in full swing.  Through it all, we continue to love, learn, worship, serve, and laugh together.  Please stop by the new reception desk across from the elevator throughout the week to let us know how we can assist you.