Spring 2017 Update

ATOP Phase 2: You have MADE, and continue to MAKE the difference!

As the ATOP Capital Campaign Committee, Church Council, and Staff invited you to live generously in support of  All Together in One Place, you responded by saying,”YES, we will.”

Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your faithfulness.Thank you for serving the future congregation of NLC.

  • We have surpassed our goal of $4.8 million dollars, and as of today, we have received more than $4.825 million dollars in gifts and pledges.
  • In 23 months of the 5-year campaign, we have already received nearly $3 million dollars in gifts.
  • God gave us the vision, the strength to meet it, and the faith and courage to step forward.
  • Our brothers and sisters in Ranchi, India thank you.
  • Our partners in housing ministry thank you.
  • The elders served through Healing and Wholeness thank you.
  • The Vision for Healthy Living thanks you.
  • The Center for Arts and Spirituality, the surrounding community of artists thank you.
  • The people for generations who will have a contemplative, intimate, sacred place to worship and pray, thank you.

We are dancing in the glory of the Lord. We are celebrating your generosity. We are tapping our toes, whistling a tune, and walking with a bounce in our step! For all that is behind us, thanks be to God. For all that is still to come, YES!