Spring 2016 Updates | A Chapel For All

Thank you for your gifts and commitments that have brought us to where we are today! It’s hard to believe that just last year, we voted to move forward on this venture. And, since that time, gifts and pledges have exceeded $4.4 million.


Your gifts are already being put to use! Phase One of construction is complete and came in under budget. We have beautifully enhanced facilities for hospitality, accessibility, connections, and service. Due to generous contributions to ATOP and to our shared Operating Fund in 2016, 19.9% of gifts will be given away for those in need both in our midst and around the world.

How can we fully realize our goals and dreams at NLC through ATOP?
Through your gifts and pledges, we have surpassed 91% of our $4.8 million campaign goal. Additional pledges of $400,000 (over 4 years) will fully fund our outreach ministries and signal that the construction of the multi-purpose chapel (see below for more information) can begin. THANK YOU for your generous response!


A Chapel For All

People have gathered in sacred spaces, both large and small, throughout human history. From ancient burial grounds to majestic cathedrals, human beings mark spaces for the purpose of giving some material definition to the presence of God. Though we know God exists everywhere, we set aside spaces as reminders of that truth.

What will be the look and feel?
Imagine even more light streaming into our beautifully transformed Fireside Room! New skylight, glass wall infill near the coffee bar, and the existing closets are removed, allowing light to stream through. A glass railing with a thin wood cap will create a new bridge walkway into the chapel.

Inside the chapel, find beautiful walnut wood veneer, with limestone glacier buff-colored honed and rock face stone. Art glass allows light to stream in… and out.


This multi-purpose chapel will provide a space for reflection and prayer, a small support group gathered in a circle, joyous music, small worship services including funerals and weddings, and 100+ energetic children sitting on the floor.

Below the chapel, meeting and studio rooms will provide welcoming spaces for conversation or movement. The renovated half-gym will be used for large motor activities.