Envisioning ATOP Phase Two

We are grateful for the generosity of all who have made this possible through your gifts and pledges to the All Together in One Place (ATOP) Campaign. In fact, we are excited to report that because of your gifts, you have helped make the possibility of Phase Two a reality! The Church Council has already authorized detailed design development to begin. The actual timeline for construction will depend on additional gifts — if enough is secured by the end of 2015, construction could be completed in 2016.

Reaching Phase Two  |  A Dollars Challenge Match

We are also excited to report hat the NLC Foundation has led the way with an additional gift of $125,000. This gift, along with gifts of $300,000 from additional donors, has moved us forward to a current challenge match of $425,000 as of this posting.
Each new gift or pledge or an increased pledge over the renaming four years of the Campaign will be matched up to $425,000. The goal is to reach a total of an additional $1 million in a combination of these new pledges and cost savings from the completion of Phase One under budget by December 15, 2015.

What Does ATOP Phase Two Look Like?


How Can I Participate in Phase Two?

If you have not yet made a gift or pledge to ATOP, a response card will arrive in your stewardship mailing.  You may complete this response card and return it to NLC or you may pledge online to join in our shared venture.  Your participation matters.  All gifts matter.

If you already have an ATOP pledge in place — thank you!  We are grateful for what you have already helped accomplish.  If you would like to participate in the dollars challenge match, you may do so by:

  • Making a note on your 2016 Annual Giving pledge card that you would like to be contacted
  • Making an increased ATOP Phase Two pledge online
  • Contacting Pastor Paul at paul@normluth.org or Steve Olson at steveo@normluth.org

Please click below to pledge to ATOP Phase Two online today!  Thank you for your generosity — All Together in One Place!



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